Our Spanish Dream Shopping out of season Part 44

Part 44
Shopping out of season




La Zenia Boulevard


Things change slowly in Spain and seasonal shopping is something that has yet to change. Buying a sun lounger in December or a heater in June is nearly impossible. Whilst in the UK the summer clothes hit the shops while we are wearing winter woollies and boots straight after the January sales, you can buy a beautiful knitted hat and scarf set for a friend’s birthday in July or a barbeque for your Dad for Christmas, it just doesn’t happen like that in most of Spain.
In Spain there are distinct seasons – summer starts in May, winter starts in November and never the twain shall meet. Once the summer stocks have sold out they are rarely replaced, so if you want the best choice in outdoor furniture make sure you are looking early summer as by September the one you want may no longer be available.
When a sun umbrella at our house was broken by a renter we set out to buy the replacement when we visited in October, but we were met with blank or confused looks in the stores where we asked – they had sold out and why would they have stocks of sun umbrellas in October? We didn’t bother trying to point out that the sun shines for over 320 days a year in south Costa Blanca! Thinking we would plan ahead we decided to buy a gas heater for winter guests, but it was still September and no-one was stocking them until the last week in October!
Like shops closing for siesta and on Sundays you get used to seasonal shopping if you live in Spain, but when you are there just part-time it can be frustrating if the item you want isn’t available in the weeks you are visiting.

Mens Stall


Playa Flamenca Market