About us

About us…

Spanish Dream Property is a family run business, based in Norfolk but able to assist clients throughout the UK and Ireland. We ourselves own a second home in Spain and have family who have lived there for many years. We have therefore been travelling to and from Spain for over 2 decades. We are David & Beverley Townsend we love Spain and the Costa Blanca.


Over the years we have watched the property market in Spain and seen many changes. We have seen the rise, and thankfully the fall of mass market promotions companies who used tactics to sell property which many view as detrimental to the image of Spanish property marketing. We have followed the fortunes of family and friends who have ‘made the move’ and met many other second home owners. We have witnessed the consequences of good and not so good decision making and, hopefully, learnt from those situations and can help others avoid potential pitfalls.

Setting up Spanish Dream Property was a natural progression in our lives. We already owned our own Spanish property, had many contacts in different trades in Spain, Bev had experience in property finding in the UK, already ran a successful business and has written for a UK based Spanish magazine. Dave is a regular contributor to Spanish forums and stays in contact with property professionals about the overseas market and current trends. Friends and ‘friends of friends’ were already approaching us for advice on the Spanish market. We successfully rent out our home in Spain to holiday makers, http://www.house-by-the-pool.com, and again have been asked by other owners for tips and advice. The bringing together of these existing skills led to the setting up of Spanish Dream Property.

We then sought to find Spanish based partners with excellent track records to work alongside to bring our clients the best possible service.

Some property finding companies are based in Spain, which means you have to go there first to do your research. As we are based in the UK you avoid costly phone calls and extra trips, as we do the phoning and stay in contact with all the various professionals in Spain that you will need during the purchase process.

For those in the East Anglia region we can offer a ‘home visit’ to discuss your options and suitable properties. For those further afield we are just a click or call away. We are happy to help you refine your search through discussing your personal needs and wishes so that when you go to Spain our partners there know exactly which properties from our portfolio could fulfil your dreams.

Most looking to purchase a property in Spain have full-time jobs and families here in the UK and cannot make unlimited costly visits to research the market. Here at Spanish Dream Property we recognise that you are busy and time is valuable so we do not want to waste your time in promoting areas and property that do not meet your requirements. We work for YOU, not the vendor, so what you want matters. We know how frustrating it can be to be taken to places that could never be classified as fitting your requirements so we work hard to understand your dream.

If you are looking to purchase a second home we understand the need to find reliable and trustworthy people to check on your home when you are not there and even oversee tradesmen if work or decorating etc is done in your absence.

If you are making a permanent move then you may need additional information on schools, work, the health system and the ex-pat community.

Those looking purely for an investment opportunity have different needs again, as for you the market trends and future potential are vital to understand.

Take a look through our portfolio of properties, which is regularly up-dated. If you can’t find what you are seeking then please call us and we will seek to find it for you. Whatever your dream we will work hard to find the right home for you because your dream matters.

Contact Beverley on 01603 415296 or o7889362950   or  TEXT Dream and we will call you back. Or Email info@spanishdreamproperty.com

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